Chief's Message

Chief Landy BlackOn behalf of the men and women of the Davis Police Department, welcome to our World Wide Web site. Our hope is that this site will provide the answers to many of your questions regarding the services that the Police Department provides for the Davis community. However, it will never substitute for the value of person-to-person discourse. We will actively seek to create those opportunities and we invite you to help us improve the dialogue through your participation and seeking out opportunities as well.

We are a municipal law enforcement agency, currently staffed with 62 sworn police officers, 45 support professionals and normally two police patrol dogs, plus the ever important Police Department volunteers. As part of the City of Davis' public safety team, the Police Department provides professional law enforcement, order maintenance, crime prevention planning, and coordination services that contribute to discouraging criminal behavior and enhancing community livability and sustainability. To further accomplish our public safety mission, we work closely with the Davis Fire Department and the University of California Davis Police Department, as well as our fellow Yolo County and regional law enforcement and criminal justice partners. We value those partnerships. Our sharing resources and best practices theory helps strengthen and improve the quality of public safety in and around Davis.

I am very proud of the members of the Davis Police Department and the reputation they have earned for contributing to the vibrancy and the quality of life that our community enjoys. Our continuing commitment to the delivery of professional, responsive, and fair police services is our pledge as part of the entire City of Davis government team's mission to provide sustainable neighborhoods and community. Further, ours is a commitment to ensuring that everyone with a stake in keeping Davis a safe and livable city has a voice in the process; both in the way we do business as well as how we develop and grow as a department. We are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. If you have a compliment on something you feel we did well, a complaint about something you don't think we did well, or a suggestion regarding a service you'd like to see added or changed, please let us know. Take advantage of the opportunity this site offers to communicate with us and to learn how we carry out our public safety mission.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We look forward to seeing you around town. Stop and chat.

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