The CAB is an advisory panel of 16 positions representing a cross-section of the community based on race, religion, representation (e.g., business community, UCD students), and other factors. The members are selected by the groups they represent whenever possible. They are approved by and serve at the will of the Police Chief and the City Manager.

Board Members

  • Business Community
    • Janis Lott: Davis Downtown Business Association
    • Kristen Hill: Chamber of Commerce
  • Educational Community
    • Pam Mari: Davis School District, Director of Student Support Services
    • Josh Gelfat: UCD Students, ASUCD
  • Faith Community
    • Scott Wieking: Christian Community
    • Hamza El-Nakhal : Islamic Affairs
    • Jodi Liederman: Jewish Community
  • Neighborhoods
    • Carla Pion: Beat 1, Community Leader
    • Bob Eernisse: Beat 2, Community Leader
    • Diane McGee: Beat 3, Community Leader
    • Judi Adelman: Beat 4, Community Leader
  • Special Interest Representatives
    • Shelly Bailes: Yolo County Chapter of Marriage Equality (MEUSA), Lesbian/Gay Community
    • Mel Lewis: African American Community
    • Carlos Matos: Concilio of Yolo County, Latino Community
    • Patti Fong: Asian Community
    • John Pamperin: Human Relations Commission