Minutes - August 8, 2012

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Judi Adelman, Shelly Bailes, Bob Eernisse, Janis Lott, Carlos Matos, Diane McGee, John Pamperin, Carla Pion, Darren Pytel, Jim Ivler


Tanya Nakatani, Minute Taker

Department Update

Current Crime Trends:

Captain Pytel reported that there are currently no huge crime trends to report. UC Davis students have stayed in town this year for Summer School, so the Police Department is seeing an increase in alcohol related issues over this time last summer.

Citywide Reorganization –Restructure:

Captain Pytel reported that along with other departments in the City, The Police Department is currently going through a restructure/reorganization. Among new programs the department will now be overseeing are Graffiti Abatement and the Citywide Volunteer program. The department will now recruit, hire, and train all City volunteers. Michele Sharitz has been promoted to PSS Supervisor and will now oversee the Volunteer program as well as the Parking Enforcement.

Lisa Buckman has transferred over from the Public Works Department, and is the new PSS who will manage the Graffiti Abatement program and assist with training City volunteers. The department has received additional funding for the Graffiti Abatement program, which has assisted with the purchase of a vehicle, equipment, and paint for the program.

Janis Lott requested that the department send business owners an updated contact list of who to call when they need to report an incident of graffiti. Captain Pytel noted that department staff is currently working on a contact list, and will distribute to the public in the near future.

Captain Pytel also reported that the department currently has two vacant PSS positions, and will also be adding a new Police Intelligence and Resource Analyst position. Department staff hope to have all restructuring/reorganization completed by November 2012, with all programs up and running within the first few months of 2013.

Round Table

Janis Lott inquired about the transient issues in the Marketplace shopping area. Captain Pytel noted that the PD is aware of the transient issues in the area as well as other areas in the City. He noted that the transient population is very territorial of their space, and the department has dealt with some conflict over territorial issues.

Jim Ivler reported that the City has launched a new City web page. The site is experiencing some issues, which City staff are working to resolve. Jim also noted that all online Police forms have been translated over to Spanish.