Daily Activity Log

In response to items discussed in a series of quarterly Community Meetings held by the Police Department, the Daily Activity Log represents an ongoing effort to share crime data with the community in an easily accessible and timely manner. Our goal is to provide community education and crime awareness to those who live, work, and visit the Davis Community.

We have expanded the Activity Log to include most reported incidents and actual crime reports taken. The information is based on what was initially reported by community members or crime victims. Reported information may change as we investigate the facts and circumstances related to each incident or crime report. We have intentionally excluded some information that is deemed confidential or sensitive in nature (such as sexual assaults, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.).

This information is provided as a courtesy to the public and is in compliance with the Public Records Act and Government Code Section 6254(f). Information contained in the activity log will be viewable on the website for seven days. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to the Public Information Officer (PIO) at 530-747-5400.

  • Arrest & Daily Activity Log October 31, 2014

    Date Case Name DOB Charges Location 10/30/2014 14-04105 Cristie, Kenyaun La Marr Lovell 12/18/1982 245(A)(1) PC 228 G STREET 10/30/2014 14-04106 Phariss, Asher Joel 10/17/1985 … more

  • Daily Activity and Arrest Log October 30, 2014

    Date Case Name DOB Charges Location 10/29/2014 14-04099 Mojica, Rae Ann 08/23/1967 11377(A) HS, 11364.1(a) HS 4TH/G STREET 10/29/2014 14-04099 Roberts, Denver Thomas 11/02/1975 … more

  • Arrest and Daily Log for Ocotber 29th,2014

    10/28/2014 14-04078 Juvenile - female 14 yoa 25662(A) BP HOLMES JR HIGH SCHOOL 10/28/2014 14-04078 Juvenile - female 14 yoa 25662(A) BP HOLMES JR HIGH SCHOOL … more

  • Arrest and Daily Log for October 28th 2014

    10/27/2014 14-04059 Juvenile-Male 16 Yoa 11357(E) HS   10/27/2014 14-04060 Brewer, Benjamin 10/09/1996 11357(D) HS 635 B STREET 10/27/2014 14-04061 Dunlap, Patrick Howard … more

  • Arrest and Daily Log For October 27th, 2014

    10/26/2014 14-04048 Lopez, Tyler Steven 06/18/1984 23152(a) VC, 23152(b) VC, 23154(a) VC W/B I-80, E/O MACE BL 10/26/2014 14-04050 Werfal, John Christopher 04/09/1992 647(f) PC 6TH … more

  • Arrest and Daily Log for October 26,2014

    10/25/2014 14-04046 Lopez, Miguel Dagoberto 01/25/1985 245(A)(1) PC 1220 5TH STREET 10/25/2014 14-04046 Gonzalez, Sergio A 03/03/1984 245(A)(1) PC 505 I STREET 10/25/2014 14-04046 … more