Daily Activity Log

In response to items discussed in a series of quarterly Community Meetings held by the Police Department, the Daily Activity Log represents an ongoing effort to share crime data with the community in an easily accessible and timely manner. Our goal is to provide community education and crime awareness to those who live, work, and visit the Davis Community.

We have expanded the Activity Log to include most reported incidents and actual crime reports taken. The information is based on what was initially reported by community members or crime victims. Reported information may change as we investigate the facts and circumstances related to each incident or crime report. We have intentionally excluded some information that is deemed confidential or sensitive in nature (such as sexual assaults, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.).

This information is provided as a courtesy to the public and is in compliance with the Public Records Act and Government Code Section 6254(f). Information contained in the activity log will be viewable on the website for seven days. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to the Public Information Officer (PIO) at 530-747-5400.

  • Arrest and Daily Activity Log for 08/30/2014

    ========================================================================== 08:13 BARKING DOG 140829044 Occurred on Rushmore Ln, Davis. 2 BARKING DOGS - ONGOING FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. . Disposition: … more

  • Arrest and Daily Activity for August 28, 2014

    Arrest Log 8/27/2014 14-02819 Merritt, Robert 1/14/1990 261(A)(2) PC, 236 PC DAVIS PD 8/27/2014 14-03177 Aranda, Hector Aaron 9/21/1993 488 PC 805 RUSSELL BLVD 8/27/2014 14-03178 … more

  • Arrest & Daily Activity Log August 26, 2014

    NO ARRESTS. *========================================================================== 06:25 EXTRA PATROL 140825013 Officer initiated activity at E 14TH St, Davis. . Disposition: Civil Problem. … more

  • Arrest & Daily Activity Log August 24, 2014

    8/23/2014 14-03128 Kanaley, Cassandra Marie 01/30/1993 11350(A) HS, 23152(a) VC, 23152(b) VC 1003 MILLER 8/23/2014 14-03129 Sosa, Cesar Luna 04/17/1973 496(A) PC 818 FIFTH ST WOODLAND … more

  • Arrest and Daily Activity Log for August 23, 2014

    8/22/2014 14-03103 Santiago, Bianca Kailee 05/14/1991 23152(a) VC, 23152(b) VC L STREET AT 5TH 8/22/2014 14-03104 Moreno, Joey Alexander 06/18/1991 23152(a) VC, 23152(b) VC 6TH ST / E … more