Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program

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Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program (AMOWRP) Volunteer:

Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program (AMOWRP) Volunteer

Importance of this position: Reducing waste during the hectic yearly turnover of apartments. Every year the City of Davis Recycling Program teams up with apartment managers to encourage reuse of items and reduce the amount of waste generated every August from apartment turnover. City of Davis Recycling staff set up donation stations at participating apartment properties, and residents are encouraged to donate items they no longer want or need instead of throwing them in the trash. Local non-profit groups and other apartment residents stop by and take items they want—like a free community garage sale. The end result is that good, usable items are kept out of the landfill.

Qualifications: Desire to assist in reducing waste, promoting recycling and donating unwanted items to non-profits and people who want them.

Job Duties: Volunteers will be assigned a cluster of 1-10 apartments to organize and maintain the donation stations. The purpose in organizing stations is to make them user-friendly and recognizable as donation stations and not just areas for general dumping.

  1. Keep the donation stations organized, direct the placement of materials into the proper donation areas, and sort materials (clothes, linens, shoes, etc.). Each station can take 10-30 minutes to organize (depending on the volume of items within).
  2. Maintain the perimeter of the donation station—make sure the recycling tape is securely fastened to stationary items to keep the boundaries of the donation station visible.
  3. Volunteers will not be asked to lift things into bins, go into trash bins to retrieve items, help residents move items or help load items into cars. All volunteers are responsible for providing their own transportation to the sites and must fill out a waiver form prior to assisting. Volunteers may keep any clothing, furniture and other items that are in the donation stations.

Training provided: Meet with City staff to get donation station assignments and training.

Tools/supplies needed: Volunteers are encouraged to provide their own gloves and safety vests. If needed, however, the city will assist in providing gloves and safety vests, while supplies last.

Time commitment: Variable. We ask that volunteers commit for two hours at a time during move-out. Aug. 28th through Aug. 31st historically are the busiest days and need the most volunteers.

Duration of assignment: Last two weeks of August and the first day of September.

Staff contact: Jennifer Gilbert, jgilbert@cityofdavis.org, (530)757-5688

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