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Warmer weather bringing out door to door scammers

(Woodland, CA) – March 15, 2013 Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig’s Office

has received several reports recently of door to door salespeople who may be targeting

senior communities in the area.

These salespeople are ignoring clearly posted “no soliciting” signs and are using high

pressure tactics to make sales. In one recent instance at a local mobile home park, an 86

year old senior who is hard of hearing opened her door to an official looking young man

in a yellow uniform that convinced her to switch the local natural gas service provider

she has had for over 20 years to one based in Texas. Fortunately she checked with her

son who was able to cancel the contract within the 3 day timeframe allowed by law. In

another recent instance at the same senior community a door to door salesman selling TV

service falsely claimed to have the management’s permission to solicit sales.

The District Attorney advises consumers to be wary of door to door salespeople who

ignore clearly posted no soliciting signs and may take advantage of your willingness to

listen to their pitch. “We advise you to use your “peep hole” and do not open the door to

people you do not know or expect,” said Reisig. To help protect yourself from this type

of scam keep your door locked at all times, verify any license and do not sign contracts

without taking time to think it over carefully, and discussing it with your family


People who would like more information about this or other types of scams targeting

older adults please contact the District Attorney’s Office at 666-8416.