Juveniles Arrested for Rape

On Wednesday, June 5, 2013, a 13 year old male and 14 year old male were taken into temporary custody by the Davis Police Department after an 11 year old female reported that she he had been held down and forcibly raped by the boys. Both males were taken to the Yolo County Juvenile Hall.

All three of the minors reside at Families First, which is a group home in Davis that houses and supports youth. The sexual assault did not occur on the property of Families First. Other youth were reported to be present, although their involvement is still being investigated. Each of the youth had left the Families First facility without permission, which they were required to have, and they were not under the supervision of the Families First staff, as they were required to be.

During the course of the investigation, multiple other incidents of illegal sexual activity were discovered, which occurred outside the facility. The youth engaged in other illegal activity as well, including shoplifting, theft, and fighting. 

This incident also follows several other felony arrests of minors who reside at Families First, including several who were arrested for serious assault offenses in the last two weeks.

There have been over 500 calls for service to the Davis Police Department from Families First in 2013. Over a hundred reports were made of youth running away from the facility. The police department met with Families First staff and management on multiple occasions in order to come up with ways to reduce the incidents and to ensure the minors were being properly supervised. Despite efforts, minors were routinely leaving the facility. 

The Davis Police Department is now working with the State Department of Social Services, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, and Yolo County Child Welfare Services to investigate illegal behavior, and any violations against the license for the facility.

At this point, several minors have been taken into protective custody and were removed from the facility. This investigation is extremely complex, involves multiple governmental agencies and layers of oversight, and minors who require great care during interviews. The police department will not be releasing detailed information because of the confidentiality requirements involving juvenile cases.